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Book Clubs

If you are based in the Melbourne metropolitan area, Kate can visit your book club in person. For anywhere else in Australia, she can arrange a meeting via Skype.

If you’d like to book a date and time, please contact her via the form below.

Book Club Questions

  1. The Orange Grove explores the ambiguity of morality. To what extent do you think people who behave in negative ways are influenced by their current circumstances and/or past traumas?
  2. How did societal pressures influence the actions of the characters?
  3. Henriette is pulled in many directions and forced to make difficult choices. How did women’s priorities in 1705 differ from today?
  4. The Orange Grove has many characters, some more likeable than others. Which characters did you empathize with the most? Which characters did you dislike?
  5. Secrets are plentiful in the story. How did keeping secrets relate to status and position? What sacrifices did the characters need to make in order to survive in French society?
  6. Religious faith, the occult and tarot reading are woven throughout the story. Discuss the role of these practices and beliefs in The Orange Grove. Do you think they give the characters a sense of control in their chaotic lives?

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