Update – Stone Circle

I’ve been quietly editing, on and off, for the past couple of months and have just signed off on the manuscript. For a couple of weeks it was solid, this last week just small changes. There are now aspects of the English language I’m on close terms with, tiny grammatical issues and duplications I never knew existed. It’s been real.

The cover design was also fun—being an ex-graphic designer I was not lacking an opinion and there were a number of drafts before sign off. Many thanks to my talented cover designer friend, Tabby, who gave another perspective. Looking forward to showing it to you as soon as I’m allowed.

I’ve been stuffing my head full of marketing ideas, looking at how to get the book into libraries, and hunting down potential ‘blurbers’ for endorsements. There will be a launch – I have my eye on a friendly little bookshop near my house. I’ll keep you posted with a date closer in.

Kate x

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