Birthing a historical fantasy baby


It’s been six years since I started writing and around four years since I finished Stone Circle. I then spent some time on the now defunct writing site ‘Authonomy’, run by Harper Collins, which I think of as my apprenticeship, along with a brief stint at Swinburne University. Writers critiqued each others’ work and competed to rise to the top in a ranking system. By the time the site closed in September 2015, I had reached 16th place out of approximately 10,000 manuscripts. The HC editors also featured the book as ‘One to Watch.’ Helping and being helped by writers with varying levels of experience was invaluable for honing my craft and polishing this story. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you after all this time and hard work.

I now have an approximate timeline — nine months from now, so around December 2017. I’m currently wrapping my head around a possible book launch and book publicists. I’ll keep you posted. Onwards 🙂 x

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