Stone Circle Launch update

Hello all,

For those of you who were unable to be at my launch on the 6th of December, I thought I’d fill you in about how it all went.

As you can imagine, I was excited but apprehensive on the day of the launch. I took in my huge banner to Page 8 bookshop and set it up, then went home to psych myself up for the big night.

There were a few calls during the day (and the previous) from close friends, checking in to see how I was feeling in the lead up. I picked up my kids early and readied myself, arriving at 4:30pm to meet the photographer from the Bayside Leader.

The rest of the night passed in an absolute whirlwind as the shop filled with people.
I spent much of the time at the signing table as the guests queued with, in a number of cases, stacks of books on their arms. I was delighted.


Catering was delicious French charcuterie and cheeses from Millstone Patisserie and champagne and wine flowed. I was launched by the lovely Dr Jacqui Ross who gave an excellent speech, talking about how she taught me at Swinburne University and her impressions of Stone Circle. (Watch launch speeches here.)

What stayed with me in the days after, and now, was the wonderful atmosphere of love, support and enthusiasm. I felt completely buoyed by it and couldn’t wish for a better start to this transition from writer to author. Many thanks to those who attended as well as those who encourage me from afar.

Kate x


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